Maria R
Maria R.

My visits to Renata are now visits for awesome discoveries. The trust that built up towards her over time has become very strong, based on two simple principles – Renata would truly listen to what I want and could actually do it (and we all know how rare that is!), but she would also recommend any adjustments that should be done based on my own hair and looks. So now when she asks me what we should do on our next appointment, I usually say “whatever you think best!”, and just enjoy my own little makeover.

Julija Zommere
Julija Zommere

I have known Renata for many years. She is our family’s hair stylist and my makeup artist. Renata is very knowledgeable about new hairstyle trends in the industry and is successfully applying her expertise to achieve client unique looks. She attends various makeup and hair classes with most advanced gurus in different parts of our country. She is dedicated, hardworking, customer oriented, positive and extremely knowledgeable and well organized professional. I have trusted her fully with my hair cut, dye and style.

I have always been completely satisfied and amazed by the result. She gives useful advice on how to maintain healthy hair and how to keep up your current hair style. She has great imagination and always comes up with new ideas on how to improve my looks. I have attended Renata’s make up classes and have gained unbelievable expertise and proficiency in this field. I look like completely different person now! She knows various make up products and lots of techniques. Renata has worked with my hair and makeup for my actress roles as a part of theater ART. She always carefully listens to what is necessary for each role, and then applies her artistic personality and creative mindset to transform me into unbelievable beauty. Renata has also superior attention to detail, understanding of light during performances and a great taste. I can fully trust Renata with anything and I know that result will be perfect! Thank you for your hard work and dedication; you are brilliant and one of a kind!

Lesea Vasilachi
Lesea Vasilachi

I am a regular customer of Renata. I always get a hundred percent result of my images. Renata does her job flawlessly, shrouded in quality. I trust and recommend Renata as the best specialist in our city of Austin.

Tania T
Tatiana T

Renata is a truly talented stylist. I’m beyond happy to be her client for more than 3 years now. Renata is very easy to communicate with and to discuss all the ideas about my hair cut and color. I appreciate all the recommendations I get that helps my hair look fantastic. Renata is a true professional and my appointments are always a real pleasure.

Оlga Muitari
Olga Muitari

As a creative professional in the enterprise world, I often get judged by my appearance. The first impression can make it or break it for me as companies have no confidence in a designer who does not look professional. After a long and costly search, I finally found a professional who keeps my hair and makeup look amazing. Renata is a master of her profession capable of achieving astonishing results. Renata does all routine care of my hair, but she also worked with me on multiple professional photoshoots and a maternity photoshoot. Her work had a significant impact on my digital presence and appears on my LinkedIn profile and on my digital portfolio. I get numerous compliments on my hair, makeup and photos styled by Renata. I recommend Renata’s services to anyone as she is one of a kind professional and caring, passionate individual. Personally, I am highly satisfied with her work and keep coming back to her again and again.