Price for skincare

Facial & skin care

Facial Express ultrasonic/50-60 min/80$
Facial Deep breath/70-90 min/95$
Facial Royal combo/90-120 min/120$

Facial massage

Test massage + modeling mask/40-60 min/60$
Classic (European) massage/60 min/70$
Royal sculpture /70 min/110$
Luxury touch (lymphatic drainage massage) /40-60 min/75$

Chemical peelings

From 85$ to 120$ (detailed information will be added soon)
Eyebrows architecture
From 28$ to 59$ (detailed information will be added soon)

On our pages Facial & skin care, Facial massage, Chemical peelings, Waxing and Eyebrows
architecture we have not yet posted all the information and cost of our services. We’ll add all the details
shortly. Until then, you can get the missing information by phone +1 512 300 80 66 or write to us