Facial massage

Facial massage

Test massage+modeling mask/40-60 min/60$

Massage area: face.

You get different massage techniques. The test will allow you to determine what type of massage you like and what technique you would like to continue.

Also, you will try for yourself the luxurious effect of alginate (modeling) masks and we are sure that you will fall in love with them.

Good for all ages.

Classic (European) massage/60 min/70$

Massage areas: face, front and side areas of the neck, décolleté.

Classical massage is one of the most gentle and effective methods of facial skin care.

This type of massage is aimed at correcting wrinkles, maintaining muscle tone, activating and normalizing local blood and lymph circulation, relaxing tense areas, improving texture and complexion, and evening out skin tone.

Good for all ages and for dry, thin and sensitive skin.

Royal sculpture /70 min/110$

Massage areas: face, neck completely, décolleté area, muscles of the shoulder.

The sculpting type of massage is aimed at eliminating superficial and correcting deep age-related changes (wrinkles, flews, double chin, oval changes), improving the elasticity and tone of muscles and skin, eliminating congestion in facial tissues, strengthening local blood and lymph circulation, relaxing tense and activating sedentary zones, local and general lifting (oval lift), reduction of subcutaneous fat (slimming) of the face, improvement of color and smoothing of the texture and tone of the skin.

Good for age 35+

To significantly improve the elasticity of the skin, restore the clarity of the oval and achieve a lasting result, it may take 1 course per year, consisting of 12-20 procedures with an interval of 2-3 times a week (depends on the age and severity of age-related changes).

To prevent age-related changes, a course of 6-10 procedures / year with an interval of 2-3 procedures per month will be sufficient.

Supportive procedures can be carried out at intervals of 1 time per month, one and a half or two. It depends on type skin, the age and changes in tissues.

Luxury touch (lymphatic drainage massage) /40-60 min/75$

Massage areas: face, front and side areas of the neck, décolleté

This massage is used for swelling of the face and eye area (that these are not eye hernias), changes in oval, skin laxity and dull complexion, with local congestion. With the help of lymphatic drainage massage, the local work of the lymphatic system is improved, metabolic processes are accelerated, swelling decreases, double chin decreases, tone, color and tone of the skin are improved.

For a noticeable and lasting result, 1-2 courses per year may be required, consisting of 7-14 procedures, 2-3 times a week (depending on age and severity of changes).

For prevention, a course of 5-9 procedures per year with an interval of 4 procedures per month will be sufficient.

Supporting procedures can be performed at intervals of 1 time per month.

All types of massage include washing by skin type, cleansing the skin after using massage cream, cream by skin type, sunscreen.

Contraindications for face massage:

  • general decrease in immunity (high fever, viral diseases)
  • acne
  • herpes
  • mechanical damage to the skin (burns, scratches, frostbite, etc.)
  • dilated blood vessels
  • dermatitis
  • education of an oncological nature
  • infectious diseases of the skin
  • enlarged or inflamed lymph nodes
  • thyroid disease
  • autoimmune diseases
  • beauty injections (botox, fillers). After beauty injections, massage is indicated after a period of 1-1.5 months.