Eyebrows architecture

We know everything about perfect eyebrows

  • Variety of shapes
  • Color of eyebrows
  • Bottom and top lines
  • Direction of hair growth
  • Individual eyebrow bending points
  • Precision of the lower and upper brow lines
  • The ratio of the shapes of eyebrows, eyes and face.
  • And many other aspects which are important to be consider.

For example, if you leave too small gap between the eyebrows on the nose bridge your face will seem to look older then.

Another point, if someone does not consider the color type in general and the hair color in particular, the face will look unnatural.

Eyebrows, as well, as hair need your care. Surely, home care is especially important part. However, it is equally important to visit to the specialist in eyebrows.

Why is this visit important?

Because the master of eyebrow architecture can really help you create the perfect individual eyebrow shape by marking the main points of the eyebrow lines. She will also prompt, select and color your eyebrows so that your face looks natural and beautiful.

Eyebrows speak of a person’s character. Also, eyebrows completely transform the face. They soften the image, rejuvenate, make the face expressive, seductive, playful … Perfect eyebrows are your good habit and always a perfect image. And we do our best to keep your eyebrows in excellent condition.

Price for eyebrow architecture services is from 28$ to 59$.

Depends on the thickness, shape of the eyebrows, coloring and additional SPA procedures.