About us

How do you think, what does it mean to look Royal?
Our team of beauty salon «Your Majesty» also was looking for answer to this question…

After a while we agreed that the notion «to look Royal» may be defined as perfect blend of:

  • natural healthy beauty
  • the elegance
  • attention to details
  • and individual style.

Every of our team member and I decided to follow these definitions in our work. It besides the fact that eachone is good in his field and has two main values: experience and passion for his work.

So, whatever you choose for yourself in our beauty salon, you’ll always receive:

  • high quality services
  • expert consultations and advices
  • quality professional products.

Certified specialists of salon «Your Majesty» provide:

  • haircut. For women and men.
  • Coloring. Any complexity. Any options.
  • Hair care. Silk and elegance of your hair.
  • Hair styling. You will look amazing.
  • Makeup. How to create your individual style.
  • Manicure. For beauty of your hands.
  • Pedicure. The comfort of your feet.
  • Skin care. For healthy skin radiance.
  • Waxing. It gives a feeling of confidence.

So, you choose, and we provide royal implementation.

The crown of our salon:

You can get several of these services at the same time.
What are we talking about?
For example, the colorist dyed your hair. And while waiting, you may have one or more service of another experts. An option it can be a manicure. Or waxing and skin care.
That’s a way you win twice: get more services and save your time.

Also, you may with us:

  • to work. We have a special workplace for you.
  • Have a delicious coffee. Or tea. Or lemonade.

We know, you’re all just dying to see this incredible place.

See you soon.
And always welcome to our beauty salon Your Majesty!

Best regards,
Renata Belyalova.